The guilt-free sparkling white everyone is sipping this summer

GROWN is a new range of English sparkling white with an apple base, on a mission to create a new category of drinks that are not just low in alcohol, but in calories too. Sustainably produced in Kent and crafted from a blend of organic & natural ingredients, their ready to go cans are available in two flavours; Sparkling Rhubarb & Ginger, and Elderflower & Fresh Basil. 

Chris Croissant, Founder of GROWN was looking for something he couldn’t find: “We knew we wanted a lighter drink that was lower in alcohol, but first and foremost it needed to taste great. We found a winemaker in Kent who was up for the challenge, and then spent a long 12 months researching ingredients, botanicals and herbs to create a drink that would provide the perfect light alternative to prosecco or wine.

With an impressively low abv of 4.5% and just 45kcals per can, GROWN is the perfect light alcoholic drink; minus the headache. Instead of using soda or sugary tonics, GROWN keeps it natural using an apple base from a particular blend of Kentish culinary and dessert apples. This provides the distinctly crisp and refreshing mouthfeel you get with every sip of GROWN. Botanicals are then added to give the drinks their unique finish. 

GROWN thoughtfully make their drinks in a similar way to wine, using grape must - a sustainable byproduct of the British wine making process. Grape must provides the naturally light sweetness to the drinks, so refined sugars and artificial sweeteners stay well away.

Although made in a similar way to a fine fruit wine, GROWN is 75% less calories than your average glass of white wine. 

The team work hand in hand with an award-winning winemaker in Kent to ensure they deliver on their promise of great taste, which means their drinks aren’t made in a lab. It also means they are sustainably produced in the UK. Measures have been put in to also ensure they are vegan friendly, gluten free and their cans are endlessly recyclable.  


GROWN is a UK independent drinks label, on a mission to create sustainable British made Sparkling Whites that are lower in alcohol and calories than wine or Prosecco. Crafted in Kent from natural ingredients, the drinks use a blend of dessert and culinary apples that have a more wine-like style, and provide the base for a unique and refreshing drink.