Our Story



GROWN is a UK independent drinks label, on a mission to create great tasting sparkling whites that are lower in alcohol and calories.

Why did we decide to do that?

Put simply, we weren’t satisfied with the options available. We knew we wanted a lighter drink that was low in calories, but first and foremost it needed to taste great. We wanted to create a drink that could be enjoyed over brunch, a festival or on the train to visit friends

So we created a range of 4.5% Sparkling Whites; for all those times when you want a lighter drink, and not a headache. 

What are Sparkling Whites, exactly?

Sparkling Whites take everything that is great about seltzers (lower in calories, lower in alcohol) and adds everything that is missing (making sure that taste is just as important).

Instead of using soda water or sugary tonics, we use an apple wine from a  blend of dessert and culinary apples that provide a distinctly crisp mouthfeel, and then add botanicals to give Grown Drinks their unique and refreshing finish. We also use grape must (a sustainable byproduct of the British wine making industry) to naturally sweeten the drinks, which means we don't use refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.

You may also like to know…

We’ve worked hand in hand with an award winning winemaker in Kent to ensure we deliver on our promise of great taste, which means our drinks aren’t made in a lab. They are made on a small family run farm, sustainably produced in the UK, which is really important to us. As is the fact they are vegan friendly, gluten free and the cans are endlessly recyclable.  

And how come they look so good?

Well you’ll have to check out our friends @craigandkarl. They’re pretty amazing, but we’ll let their Insta do the talking for us.